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A relationship between a student and a mentor is an infinite, perennial pursuit

The ability to adapt has helped Njuguna, who grew up in Kenya, fall into step with his new life in the United States.

Having the opportunity here to do anything you want to do regarding your dreams was a huge step for us. Settling first in the Boston area, they moved to Lebanon County, Pa.

Coming to the States so Njuguna and his two sisters could go to college was a big reason his parents emigrated. Their children have taken that to heart. But my mom and my sister are nurses, and nursing is an ideal course of study for people living in countries like Kenya. Njuguna majored in nursing his first semester.

The fact that I was frustrated at times whenever Jack or Ellie made a stupid decision and took two steps backward instead of progressing forwards tells me that I was really invested in their relationship.

When people work in harmony, great things happen

Though the acting was passable at best, I wish the same could be said about the screenplay. It was as if Yesterday did not know what kind of film it wanted to be. You have this fantasy comedy that flounders with some of the comedic timing and it tries to juggle this other romantic storyline.

Chord Progressions 101: How to Arrange Chords in Your Songwriting

Because it had issues with committing to two different types of stories all the way through, I thought there were moments that were underutilized and did not reach its full potential. Because of that, it also felt lackluster and too slow-paced. I honestly believe it dragged out too often for a 2-hour film.

One thing it did get right, however, was the conversation it brought up with how different the music world works today compared to 60 years ago when The Beatles formed.

Across China: Obscure county strikes the right chord with guitars - Xinhua |

They also play a big part in the narrative of your song. A certain chord at a certain time in a chord progression can drastically change the narrative of your song from happy to sad or dark to light with one simple chord choice. But even simple, repetitive progressions of chords have the power to convey a complex array of emotions and musical ideas.

There are happy chord progressions, sad chord progressions, simple chord progressions and very complex chord progressions. Even simple, repetitive progressions of chords have the power to convey a complex array of emotions and musical ideas. This article is here to help.

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Because all the note-to-note relationships in music are permanent, you can use symbols as a time-saving shorthand to understand how chords work in your music. Roman numerals are the symbols most commonly used to describe how chords work within keys.

Striking a chord

Keys in music are sets of notes built on repeating patterns—think major and minor. This example shows you chords in the key of C, but this group of chords is found in every other major key as well.

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The smaller ones, like i, iv and v represent minor chords, and that small one at the end with the circle next to it represents a diminished chord.

The Right Chord The Right Chord
The Right Chord The Right Chord
The Right Chord The Right Chord
The Right Chord The Right Chord
The Right Chord The Right Chord
The Right Chord The Right Chord

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