The Prophets in Perspective

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As even these texts indicate, this does not mean that all prophecy itself is at an end. Indeed, our baptismal theology indicates that every baptized Christian shares in the prophetic office of Christ. As Christ is priest, prophet and king, so do we, as members of his body, share in his prophetic office in a subordinate sense.

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Subscribe now in print or digital. But note this difference. We prophets of the New Testament have our office subordinated to Christ. Our prophecies do not independently carry an infallible and canonical status as do the words of the biblical prophets. We do not produce new revelation. Rather, we announce the Gospel that is given, and we can never add to or subtract from that which is given by the Lord Jesus. The New Testament does refer to prophets in this wider sense of the word.

Acts mentions certain prophets at Antioch; Acts speaks of two prophets named Judas and Silas; and Acts and mention a prophet named Agabus. Ephesians says that the mystery of the Church has been revealed by the Holy Spirit to the apostles and prophets. Finally, Ephesians says that prophets, along with others holding various offices, have been given to the Church for the equipping of the saints.

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She, as a creature like us, calls God her Father. In terms of her relationship to the Son, she is rightly called the Mother of God, since Jesus is God. In terms of her relationship to the Holy Spirit she is often called the spouse of the Holy Spirit. Charles Pope is the pastor of Holy Comforter-St.

Cyprian in Washington, D.

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The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective
The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective
The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective
The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective
The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective
The Prophets in Perspective The Prophets in Perspective

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