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You know he warned the extras against going for any shots to the face…Neither of you got hurt, right? It was all a big drama performance, what do you think Saki? It was a real shitshow of nepotism and horrific systems practically running themselves. And then, there came a day. Their representative in the human world, your world, got defeated! And there was a real risk of the human world being mass invaded and subjugated… -Which would mean no more anime, no more magical girls, no more idols.

So the manager put on a huge show of protecting his people by going there himself…And he went, to go meet magical girls himself in person!

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So his dream died, he rapidly became a sad NEET lost without purpose or motivation…Until he found himself with no more stipend, stuck looking for mundane work. He became a manager, and, well, you know the rest. The very same day you got the offer to become a magical girl! It all came together, Saki!

A few quick leaks, a few tips, and soon you were the talk of the country! The demons, Mohiro being targeted, it was all a marketing plan! All of this, was a marketing plan? For magical girls? The best of all worlds, Saki! Mother fuck.

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The comment about "eating karinto off the ground" They look a lot like, well, something you might find on the ground in a public park. I think I spotted Guncannon and Guntank pastiches among the demon horde. Magical Girl - Wabash -While outside, Sakuyo-kun continues to war, even driven to the last…This fight cannot, will not, end! This body all not yield! You, will not, reach Saki!

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Fight him, Saki. Fight him, defeat him, and save the boy you love! The cameras, the artifice, the entire structure! Then she slaps the manager hard enough to put him flat on the ground, looming over him with fury and frustration. How DARE you do this?! How DARE you put people at risk for her career?! What sort of hero is she, if people are hurt before she can get there solely because she exists?!

What right does she have to call herself a hero now?! He abandoned his pride as a demon and the laws of man both. There is no place for him anymore. As he gathers electricity behind him…And uses it to drop a stalactite upon himself, sacrificing his own life for her story! Because Mohiro yanked on the line the manager was still holding, and pulled him out of the way! Just as you have saved him so many times, Ore-san, just once, he wanted to be there for you…To help someone so clearly important to you… -Saki-kun is moved to tears once again…She has never truly saved you, Mohiro-chan.

It was her fault you were ever in danger at all!

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Whatever the origin of things were, you threw yourself into danger. Whatever was going on behind your back, you fought hard to save people. You tried to do right by those around you. He brought a whole crew of fairy muscle to save you guys, but look at what he found! Impure relations are not allowed in the magical girl industry, Saki. IMDb More. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Full Cast and Crew. Release Dates. Official Sites. Company Credits. Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary.

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    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore The Magical Ore
    The Magical Ore

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