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Haunted Heart

You find yourself headed down a long hallway.

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Suddenly, you hear feet dragging across carpet. Arctic air blows past as you see a massive, shadowy figure standing next to you.

You spin to confront your attacker, only to find no one is there. In the heartland, tales of grisly deaths and unsolved murders abound—and the spirits of the dead are often left behind.

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Join Logan Corelli and his teams as they explore some of the creepiest haunted locations in America, where spirits and entities terrify even the most experienced investigators. The Haunted Heart of America provides tantalizing evidence of realms of existence beyond our own. Featuring firsthand investigations of famous paranormal hotspots like Waverly Hills, Myrtles Plantation, and the St.

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Correlli closes his book with some comments regarding his investigations and findings whilst interacting with the paranormal as well as some advice and guidance regarding the etiquette or amateur invest paranormal investigators should adhere to. The case studies that Correlli includes in his book are presented in the form of a log with notated details.

As a result his book offers a particularly insightful guide to the world of paranormal investigations for the beginner and a rich repository of technical and practical guidance for the seasoned researcher. Whilst Correlli makes no specific conclusions regarding his experiences he does add additional commentary and subsequent analysis of them which adds another colorful layer to the mystery that he is so engrossed in.

Rose Hotel - a haunted Gem?! - Historic Rose Hotel

The Haunted Heart of America reveals something of the nature of a timeless mystery which is growing in popularity thanks mainly to the dedicated research of intrepid explorers such as Logan Correlli. In Landa Park, passersby have reported hearing phantom footsteps follow behind them in the evening. Strange and spooky stories like these abound in New Braunfels. From the city's rough-and-tumble beginnings to its vibrant present, haunted tales can be found all over town. Author Erin O. Wallace delves into the ghost stories and histories of New Braunfels and tries to find the source of the paranormal phenomena.

Featured on Rooster Teeth. Founded and built by the brave Texas Rangers who fought for the state's independence, Seguin is a picturesque town with a chilling history.

The defensive wall around the city is said to also keep souls from leaving. Locals whisper tales of a headless soldier roaming the streets at night, searching for his remains. The town square, now a hub of activity and commerce, once hosted public hangings and beatings.


Lake McQueeny is known for its beauty, but a lost spirit wails along the shores to warn would-be drowning victims. Discover these and other stories from the shadows of Seguin's past with author Erin O. Have you ever wanted to stay in a.

Known Haunted Location? Well, here is your chance!! Featured on Monster Con TV. Would you stay overnight in a. Check out other National and Local news coverage. Sorry, no pets.

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Tours are from pm pm. Tours are conducted rain or shine. Warning, this tour is not for the faint of heart. Our spirits have been known to come forward along the tour so please be aware. Sorry, there are no refunds, no credits and no rescheduling. We DO allow transferring of tickets as long as we are informed. Featured on When Ghost Attack. Copyright Haunted Magnolia Hotel Featured on San Antonio Living.

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Haunted Heart

The book that started it all! Discover how a young traveling spirit named Emma led the author on an unbelievable journey to unveil her hidden secret. Purchase your copy of all three books by author,. Erin O Wallace today. Featured on The DayTripper.

The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel
The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel
The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel
The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel
The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel
The Haunted Heart Hotel The Haunted Heart Hotel

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