The Beyond #28

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The Final Joke: Part Four

The Joker Returns in Batman Beyond #28

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The Joker tackled his legacy in Batman Beyond #27. Now he's going after Bruce's.

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Batman Beyond #28 REVIEW

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The rest of Batman Beyond 28 was good. This juiced up Joker made life miserable for Batman, though the latter absolutely got some good licks in.

High Rollers: Aerois #28 - From Beyond the Cradle

Plus we get some pissed off Dick not Ric Grayson. Tell that to Jason Todd or pretty much every other Robin through the years, Bruce.

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  • Batman Beyond 2.0 (2013-2014) #28!

Nick has two loves in life: baseball and everything related to comics. He also likes to share his opinions on the stories within the stories — sometimes in written form, sometimes on his podcast, Change My Mind, which is part of GWW Radio. News Omega Underground.

The Beyond #27 (Ace Magazines) - Comic Book Plus

To me, this is a great addition. My biggest problem with the show which I still really enjoy was how much stronger it was as a Spider-Man show than a Batman one.

Batman Beyond #28

I think we can all stipulate to that. New hero learning the ropes, having trouble balancing his normal life with his superhero one who really loves the superhero side, that's pretty much the classic Spider-Man archetype. Not that it was bad!

There were some gems in the show - anything with the Royal Flush Gang or Shriek was guaranteed to be solid. But the tighter the show hewed to the DCAU as a whole - in anything with a throwback villain, or "The Call," or the crossovers - the more it felt like Terry stepping into the role of Batman and the less it felt like Terry learning how to become a super hero. I think Jurgens gets this.

The Beyond #28 The Beyond #28
The Beyond #28 The Beyond #28
The Beyond #28 The Beyond #28
The Beyond #28 The Beyond #28
The Beyond #28 The Beyond #28

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