Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite

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November 25, 2003

I ain't fucken wit no frauds!!!

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Hell yeah, this song is doing really good!! I wrote this shortly after posting myblast video last night. I'll probably add to it. I pulled a lot of emotion out of myself while writing this, it almost came out of me without trying too much. I hope just 1 person can relate to this. Part 2 appreciate any type of feedback in the comments.

It's been a crazy journey Axelrad Beer and Garden to hear a piece of it. Best believe you won't be disappointed!! Would enjoy sharing the stage with a few artists, but I don't have a problem settin the tone dolo!! Keep it G!!

Show Instant Engagement Rate. Abbey Wood. American Legion. Amarillo, Texas. Denver, Colorado. The Outpost Concert Club. Canton, Ohio. Mountain Mike's Pizza. Social limitations need not apply here we are newsocial. We are not plagued with yesterday brought only from absent closure. We are not heavy defected broken Standing in plain view hidden from everything existing everywhere and still smiling we all are today. Brand new We are newsocial poeticnights poetrycommunity poetry brandnew worldofartists blkldnpoet londonpoet night thoughts inmyfeelings instathought inspirationalquotes writersclub words creator wordsmith.

Just you and I.. Why de we crave to be part of something? Passion is flawed So is law So we are destined to be More than pridicatable. Spontaneous is discredited by destiny so destined to not. But still we are again breaking laws. Just you and me. We are our own chains.. Bombarded with colour and sound such weighted Conviction. I'm not sure you know what I know yet are my actions not provoking? Do I not haunt your last moments? Are you not heavy in the absence of reason? Now you are still, and forever beautiful beyond belief but blinding every other variable just mascarding in light.

Behaving as if this was normal and the fables they write fake And now I dance with you to no song spoken londonpoet athosTHEwriter writer creator word poetryofinstagram poems blkldnpoet lovequestions loveu. Chasing my thoughts will indeed be a constant change Foggy mood swings and melodic memories I supposed the universe rocks my libra scales, hence the unbalanced written tales I met mystique in the dark abyss of night, when she told me to no longer cry To gravitate towards my learning light Discover who I was, give me insight I'll keep her for a while She embraces my inner child Dont You Think It's Funny??

It's funny because I know you dont miss me. Even when all light Is gone and the moon my only companion and I will It so. It's funny because I put no faith In love yet by its global definition and unwilling defiance I act as though I'm suffocating In It. It's funny because you read hate when I rate every feeling I'm expressing with literary settings on superficial and I'm angry with you. It's funny because I'm angry with you because I love you and I hate you because I miss you and its funny because It's not funny at all. Created cracks in the wall I built.

You the tempest,the siren, my still created space I filled with hate.

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Made me wish for time and more You made me forget. You the magician made me feel the magic trick. TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry allthingspoetry poetryevents poetryreading rattlemagazine rattlecast theuglymug orangecountyartist artlife ocart supportocart supportpoetry ekphrasticpoetry santaana youtube irvine writersconference alexandraumlas alexandraumlaspoetry. Hey, poets, join pattyseyburn tomorrow at lagunabeachbooks and indulge in this wonderful collection of hers! What a treasure she is to our poetry community. Event is free and all are welcome.

This dark, spooky stage performance is the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit. Happening every second Thursday of the month. See you there next month for a very special Halloween inspired feature! I will always be here through troubled nights and cold mornings patiently waiting, to see you again.

Then join moontidepress publisher and Editor-in-Chief ericmorago for the monthly Shout! Open Mic in Downtown Fullerton at halfoffbooks. TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry allthingspoetry literaryworld literarylove ocliterary libromobile halfoffbooks santaana altabaja fullerton openmicnight lectureseries beyondhispanicheritagemonth wednesdaywords wednesdayworkshop supportocart supportpoetry.

MondayMotivation motivationmonday mondaymadness anotherweek TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry allthingspoetry poetsofoc ocpoets poetryreading poetryprompts poetrynight openmicnight openmic markyourcalendars literaryworld literaryevents orangecountypoetry orange santaana fullerton lagunabeach. I always loved the flowers blooming from your skin where reveries grew as nightmares faded away and on these nights I wish you would still be here with sweeter lies and an even sweeter, smile. Look at all this OC Literary love.

Shoutout to libromobile for having such a foundational community space. Swing by and indulge in some important reads! Follow libromobile for details on all their upcoming events in Downtown Santa Ana.

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His chilling stories and poems are a perfect way to get in the mood for Halloween, especially when they are read aloud by award-winning actor Travis Rhett Wilson. See you there tomorrow night at 6pm! TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry libromobile santaana dtsa beyondhispanicheritagemonth hispanicheritagemonth poetry poetryseries diversity community poetrycommunity womenpoets herstory testimonio wcw womencrushwednesday wednesdaywords orangecountyartist. Poetry for a cause? Yes, please! The featured readers will be our local faves hanalena.

Bring your poetry too and come early to sign up. TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry poetryreading poetryprompts poetrynight poetryfundraiser raices immigrantswelcome refugeeswelcome orangecountyartist openmicnight openmic communityfundraiser orange theuglymug downtownoc chapmancircle. Mark em down and get those poems ready.

See you this week, poets.

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Another month. Another Tebot Bach. Join them this Friday at 8pm for a poetry reading and open mic. Sign ups begin at and refreshments will be available. Please remember this is a nonprofit organization and all support go to keeping these amazing events going. See you there, poets!

November 27, 2003

TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry allthingspoetry poetryreading openmicnight tebotbach goldenwestcollege huntingtonbeach poetrynight armineiknadossian holadaymason poetryfeature free nonprofit supportocart supportpoetry fridaynightplans. Come hungry and ready to dive into their delicious menu.

See you in a few hours, poets and friends. TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry westcoastsummer allthingspoetry beach beachday beachcleanup huntingtonbeach huntingtonstatebeach westminster goldenwestdiner poetryreading cipher openmicnight.

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Come hear poetrybyhati and nadiaathellama giving poetic testimonies of diversity. They were fantastic at the acountrycalledsyria event back in April! Poets, check this out! Swing by The Ugly Mug tonight at 8pm and catch brigowdypoetry and kaloooski sharing poetry. Want to share some too? Come on out and support the OC Poetry community! TheRealPoetsofOC ocpoetry allthingspoetry lagunawoods spokenwordclub elmroom poetryfeature poetryreading poetrycommunity tuesdaymorningfinds transformationtuesday.

Check out all these amazing events to dive into and get poetic. These spaces are not only great for sharing your words, but also for building connections.

Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite
Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite Poeticnites Volume I The First Nite

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