Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide

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Clair, Joe Arenas, Matt Hazeltine etc.. The score was written on cover, the center score page is loose and the spine has been repaired with acid free archival tape. Owens on the 49'ers. The Niners also had: Y.

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The score was written on cover and the bottom of the spine has been repaired with acid free archival tape. The Niners had R. Owens, John Brodie, Y. The center page has a light water stain. At Yankee Stadium. Nicely autographed by Jim Katcavage. The spine has a vintage tape repair.

The back cover has a 3 inch tear. At Chicago. Top of spine has wear and top of pages have a very light water stain, otherwise very nice condition. Preseason game at Los Angeles. Clair, Tom Osborne, Matt Hazeltine etc Light vertical fold. Light water staining. The cover has light foxing. The ticket stub is in great condition. The center page is loose. Bears won NFL Championship in Top right corner of cover has light water stain, otherwise superb condition.

Philadelphia has Sonny Jurgensen, Pete Retzlaff etc..

The cover has corner creases. Has water stain on cover, otherwise very nice condition. Back cover has wear, otherwise very nice condition. Ticket stub has creases. Packers won NFL Championship in Has an unknown signature on the cover. Very nice condition.. Louis Cardinals Program. At Kezar Stadium. Superb 62 page program. Eagles stars include Harold Jackson, Norm Snead etc.. At Soldiers Field. Which team was better.

Superb page program for preseason game vs Browns. Colts stars include Johnny Unitas, Ted Hendricks etc.. Loose roster page, otherwise outstanding condition. August 9th preseason. The 2 center pages are loose. Atlanta has Steve Bartkowski, Alfred Jenkins etc.. The center pages are missing. Excellent otherwise. At New Jersey. First ever home game for New Jersey Generals. New Jersey has Herschel Walker. Roster pages have stains , nice otherwise. Very nice 94 page program. First ever Portland Breakers home game. Spine has light tears at staples but firmly attached.

Very nice condition otherwise. Spine has very small tears at staples but cover is firmly attached. August 22nd preseason game at Los Angeles. Mike Holgren's first season as head coach for Green Bay. Has lots of cover wear and a few ink marks. Fair condition otherwise..

Nice condition otherwise.. Also has an excellent section on pro football complete with preview, schedules etc.. Ohio State's "Hopalong" Cassady is on the cover. The right border of the cover has small tears repaired with archival acid free tape. Jim Brown on the cover. Jay Publishing. Previews the NFL football season with a 4 page review of each team including rosters, draft picks and newcomers, photos, bios, results etc.. Also has a section with statistics and all time NFL records. Previews the NFL football season with a review of each team including rosters, draft picks and newcomers, photos, bios, results etc..

Also has NFL schedule. The back cover has an ordering form clipped out. Has many photos and articles. The spine has been repaired with acid free tape, otherwise very nice condition. Has a section on pro football as well. By Robert Riger. YA Tittle on the cover. Reviews the NFL season with many photos and articles. Has NFL rosters. The author highlights one game per week throughout the season and gives in depth details through photos and interviews.

Has complete team history. Has all time team records. Has many great articles on coaching staff and inside workings of team operations. Dozens of photos. Has light cover stains. Whitestone Publications. Lew Carpenter on the cover. Has articles on Y. Clair and Doug Atkins. Also reviews the NFL championship game. Lists the All NFL team, hall of famers, referee hand signals etc.. Has small tear on back cover, otherwise very nice. Has a complete team by team preview for as well as stats and records from The football annual by which all others are judged.

Chicago Bears Bill Wade on the cover. Has edge wear on top border of cover. Nice condition otherwise. An outstanding yearbook. Johnny Unitas and Joe Namath on the cover. Loads of photos. Also stats from Light spine wear, otherwise excellent condition. Chicago's Gale Sayers on the cover. Light cover wear, otherwise excellent condition.

Bart Starr on the cover. Nice condition with light wear to top corner of pages. Mike Garrett on the cover. Great Dodge ad's. Joe Namath on the cover. Johnny Unitas and Sonny Jurgensen on the cover. Has a complete team by team preview for Loads of great articles and photos. The cover has wear, otherwise excellent condition.

Johnny Unitas on the cover. Team by team preview of the season with schedules. Has statistics. Has complete statistics. Has an article on the Continental League. The cover has corner tears. Kansas City Chiefs Len Dawson on the cover. Has many pro and college player bio's and photos. Previews each college conference. Has schedules. Kansas City Chiefs Roman Gabriel on the cover. John Brodie and Ken Willard on the cover. Has an article commemorating Vince Lombardi.

Miami Dolphins Bob Griese on the cover. Has tons of photos and articles. Has cover wear at top of spine, otherwise very nice condition. New York Giants Phil Simms on the cover. Has light wrinkling, otherwise nice condition. Vintage Pro Football Magazines. The cover and several pages are stained, otherwise nice condition. Has large preview of the final week of the pro and college football seasons. Some spine wear. The magazine has a verticle fold, otherwise nice condition.

October 14 issue superbly signed by Chicago Bears star running back Ronnie Bull. Personalized "To Jerry". Excellent condition with cover wear. Has articles on the Winter Olympics, Tarkenton, the World Series with a special Olympics section and a college football preview. Very nice condition with very light spine wear. Has Dallas Cowboys Don Meredith on the cover. Previews the NFL season.

Also has articles on Jack Nicklaus, Don Meredith etc.. Has spine wear and rusted staples. Great photo of Bradshaw on the cover. The Super Bowl issue. Light stain on cover. Light stains on cover. Has San Francisco 49'ers John Brodie on the cover. Dallas Cowboys Walt Garrison on the cover. Previews NFL season. Has fold out cover. Vintage Pro Football Memorabilia. Click highlighted title to view selection.

Autographed Football Cards. Many star players. All come with certificate of authenticity. Games at Wrigley Field. February Nice headlines referring to schedule, draft picks, Zeke Bratkowski etc.. Lots of great articles. Light border tears, light water stain on bottom. Has a small water stain on the back cover. Great ad with Hornung giving instructions on throwing the football. Superb 4 page press release with spectacular letterhead.

1971 12 11 Lions Vikings & 1971 12 12 Raiders Chiefs NFL GOW

Includes full sheet of team statistics. The envelope also has a nice team logo. A humorous ad. Nice 6" x 7" color ad. The Press Release is a summary of the Patriot's season. Includes a full sheet of final team statistics. Business card size political schedule put out by the Hubert Humphrey for president campaign.

Kramer's diary of the Green Bay Packers team. Has 16 pages of photos. Has rosters, photos, stats and facsimile autographs of every player in the AFL. Has a tear on the cover and creasing, otherwise excellent condition. To Browns employee Edmund Greulich. Perfect condition. Coronet Publishers. Back cover has wear. Written with Dick Schaap. Random House. Has name written inside front cover. All are in nice condition. Has team schedule on back and if peeled off becomes a window sticker.

Tittle San Francisco 49'ers Photo. Paper stock photo has numerous tack holes. Issued by Santa Teresa church in San Jose. Paper stock photo has numerous tack holes and wear. Nice large team photo. Has tape marks on the back 4 corners and has a center fold with a quarter inch tear on the bottom. Has tape on the back 4 corners and has light wear. Printed on glossy card stock. Has lots of border wear however would mat nicely. Has tape marks on back. Other than the border wear, nice condition. Has tape damage on back and one spot of surface damage on front.

Overall nice condition. Has the position by position outlook. Lists roster, stats and the draft results including first pick Johnny Rodgers and third rounder Dan Fouts. Has 9 photos totoal and has numerous articles. Official Inaugural Game Certificate with team photo. Portland has ultra talented Marcus Dupree at running back.

Has border wear, otherwise nice condition. Full tickets. Mint condition. Complete with fifty Topps football cards. This game is is superb condition with the only flaw being one repaired box corner. Many hall of famers played in this game. Full size pennant. Nice tip. Has light discoloration on left border and a few tack holes. Has a few tack holes. Excellent color and condition. Has numerous tack holes and very light stains. Full size 30" pennant. Has creasing, nice condition otherwise. Has numerous tack holes.

Displays nicely. Good condition. Good condition otherwise. Has several tack holes. Has tack holes and a few spots of mounting putty on back. Has 3 tack holes. Has numerous tack holes and light staining. Still in displayable condition. Has several spots of mounting putty on back. Has lots of fuzz. Louis Cardinals Pennant. Has been trimmed to 28" and now has a sharp tip. Looks great. The earliest style of Seahawks pennant. Very nice condition with a few tack holes. Has a few spots of mounting putty on the back.

The Jets and Chiefs pennants have smudges near the tips. Most pennants have light fading and tack or staple holes. Rawlings TH A very nice helmet. Has excellent pads. Has nice labeling. No chin strap. Holovak played at Boston College from then after WW2 played with the Bears and Rams before embarking on a long coaching career in Boston where he was head coach of Boston College from then head coach of the Boston Patriots from then became a GM etc.. Hutch H Very nice helmet. Has excellent lining.

Has the original chin strap. Has a small repair on back bottom. Adolescent size. Very nice adult size cleats. Has uniform numbers written on each shoe. Has excellent leather soles. Has a nice cloth label in tongue. Excellent youth size pads. Nice labeling. Nice padding. Spalding Nice football. Holds air.

Sonnett K2 "Touchdown" model. About one inch shorter than a regulation football. New laces. Has light labeling. The Comet. Official size football. Doesn't hold air. Nice leather. Very nice green jersey with yellow and white trim. Superb game used condition. Size medium. Nice medium green jersey with yellow Football Autographs. Has 2 small repaired tears on the top border. Has 2 small repaired border tears. Archie Manning Autograph Matted with 8x10 Photo.

Superb autograph matted with great action photo of Manning with Saints. Manning was an excellent quarterback from to but is better known as the father of Peyton and Eli Manning. Double matted to 12x Charlie Joiner Autographed Photo , 8x10 color, 's's hall of fame wide receiver. Pete Retzlaff Autographed Photo , 8x10 color, 's's Eagles star. Has folds. Has a football article with photographs of the Yale vs Columbia and Oregon vs Cal games. Terrific condition. Has a football article with 6 photographs of game action including Yale, Michigan, Dartmouth, Princeton, Pennand Syracuse games.

Spectacular condition. Marys H. Numerous vertical folds and some scrapbook paste damage on the back cover. Measures 4 x 11 opened. Former Viking safety Manoa Latu was added to the coaching staff as linebackers coach. The Vikings are in games against lower division opponents since moving to Division I in PSU last played a lower division school in In addition, the Vikings play Sacramento State for the third straight time on the road and host Northern Colorado for the second straight time though both instances do not occur in consecutive seasons.

PSU played the entire and seasons at Hillsboro due to construction at Providence Park. Including some one-off contests in other seasons, PSU is all-time using Hillsboro Stadium as its home field. Anthony is expected to be a key defensive back for the Vikings in seasons to come. Darnell finished his career in 99 receptions, 1, yards, 12 touchdowns. He picked up punting on his own in and attended the Ray Guy Prokicker Camp, attracting collegiate attention. He ended up starting last season's finale as a true freshman. Shead returned to the Super Bowl in with the Seahawks. Thomas was named a Pro Bowl tight end in and In the off-season, he signed the richest tight end contract in the NFL to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Shead, a starting corner with the Seahawks in , missed due to an ACL injury, but has signed with Detroit for New for the Viking program will be play-by-play man Matt Richert.

Basic NFL Team Guides for All 32 Teams

He replaces long-time broadcaster Tom Hewitt, who retired this past year. The Vikings will appear on television several times this season. The Sept. The Nov. Other games televised that are local to the opponent include Montana State Sept. The Oct. He calls it "The Americana Tour. Barnum also feels it promotes team unity and saves a few dollars in the budget.

In the past three years, PSU has logged 11, bus miles with a "program record" of 4, in The Americana Tour continues in as the Vikings plan some extended bus trips once again. Only the game at North Dakota charter will include air travel. That will be a total of 4, bus miles for the Vikings in which, remarkably, ranks only third-most in four seasons.

In all, the Vikings logged 4, bus miles and approximately 80 hours round trip to those four destinations PSU also flew on two road trips. The Americana Tour included such things as dozens of on-bus movies, a stop to buy a lottery ticket on the way home from beating Washington State, a practice on Boise State's blue turf, a sight-seeing trip to Alcatraz in which equipment manager Mike Haluska was left on the island… but soon retrieved , and a midnight McDonald's run at a lonely truck stop in eastern Oregon. Spalding "Hall of Fame" Series store display sign.

Recipient Jim Thorpe Memorial Trophy Magnificent ceramic ashtray. Referee in background. Action is taking place on about the 11 yard line. Very large. About 12" across at the bottom and 5. The players are wearing face masks, so the piece is late 's to early 's - and it does fit that period - design wise. Photo color registration is a bit off. Piece is high glaze finish, and is a dull peach color with green grass highlights across the mid section. The green kind of shows up in the photo as dirt - but it is actually green tinting to the under glaze.

On the bottom edge of the under side - there is small chip - this it totally NOT visible when displayed. Classic piece. The only one I have ever come across!! Includes small photos on the cover and larger photo of each inside. Full page photos of both Bart Starr and Joe Namath. Minor wear. Closed, measures approx. Large magazine format, measures approx. Hard to find ad. The large banner has great graphics of Football Player running with the ball. Killer displays from the 's era. These are 5 separate signs that have been mounted on white background and framed up together, as one large poster framed under clear plexiglas.

Currently, measures approx. The purchaser might wish to remove them, and rearrange the display potential. GREAT recreation room or soda fountain display. Near mint to mint condition. Action Color Poster Co. Great action scene. Bottom area is left blank, so date and place of game could be filled in.


This one never got used. Lots of edge creases, especially on the bottom. Bottom left corner is damaged. Couple smaller edge tears in upper section. Minor soiling. I have NOT attempted to clean or restore this piece. Most of the damage can be matted and framed out. This would make a beautiful display backdrop, or even a nice stand alone piece. Broadsides like this were meant to be nailed to fences, walls and telephone poles. VERY few have survived.

His head is removeable, body is hollow. There is a cork around his neck. Very art deco, cartoon style player. Looks like some of the weird art you see on the programs from this period. European made, either German or Czechoslovakian I have owned the Baseball player and Tennis Player from this series in the past. Dark chocolate brown with pale green jersey.

Black striping on the football — goofy looking helmet. High glazed finish. There is a small nick the size of a small pinhead, on the rim of the lower section of his neck. There is a very small paint rub on the edge of the front of the collar. Overall, near mint to mint — beautiful piece. Has ding at about on the edge. Made in by NOV. VHS Videocassette. Polygram Video.

Comes in illustrated box. VHS movie. Collector's Edition. NFL Films, Narrated by Jeff Kaye, produced by Steve Sabol. For private use, non-broadcast only. Mint, never used, still in shrinkwrap. VHS , 45 minutes. The videotape is near mint to mint with colorful sleeve. Red Label V Daybreak Records D Pepsi-Cola "Sports For Youth" record. Pepsi graphics on lable. Los Angeles Coliseum. Large illustrated full ticket. Large diecut ticket with original string still attached you would attach to button or zipper pull, so it could be viewed on outside of jacket. Santa Ana Municipal Stadium.

Fifth Annual Game. Just the stub. Comiskey Park. Has been hole punched. Kezar Stadium. Wrigley Field. Hand written on front and back: "No Ladies Admitted". Working Press. Cleveland Stadium. Large illustrated stub. Winners Sports Service.

NOT a schedule. Team issue with blue on white logo. When you push in the bottom of the base, he moves and wiggles. White and 2 tone gold uniform. Has blue helmet and blue 12 on chest. Wearing old leather helmet and holding lace football. Unfolds and is self standing. Made in Bavaria German. Very early and attractive display item.

Colorful and unusual. Mint on factory sealed card. Includes collector coin and trading card. Card has a razor cut along the top border. Made by Russ and licensed by the NFL. He hops all about and has googly eyes. Gem mint. Beautiful color cover art! Extremely colorful Complete, excellent plus.

Early game. Littlefield Mfg. Artist rendering collage, quarterback, receiver and 2 other players. Puzzle is mint, box is excellent. Advertising premium from Johnny Walker. Delta Airlines. The Central Trust Co. An absolute wealth of information. Complete Data.

Cold comfort: the Vikings are actually one of the NFL’s most successful franchises | MinnPost

Press Guide. Bo McMillin cover photo. Very early and scarce! Inside back cover is team photo. Includes player photos. RAM logo on cover. Press guide. Cover illus. Large, magazine format. Issued very early. Not an easy item to find. Packer Prospectors. Prospectus - preseason.

Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide
Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide Minnesota Vikings 1971: A Game-by-Game Guide

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