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Even when he tries to buy off the boys with expensive presents, he fools them only momentarily.


Jake is quick to notice Sam's incipient bad temper and his disgruntled way of talking about his work; it's not even exactly clear what line he's in. Soon he is talking about opening a restaurant, with Wendy to do the cooking and supply the cash. Soon after that, Jake discovers, he is dealing in drugs. The main idea in ''Firstborn'' - and it's the kind of film from which only one idea emerges at a time - is that Jake is more of an adult than any of the authority figures in his life.

At school, he has a teacher who loves taking cheap shots at his students' failings; at home, his mother becomes progressively more irresponsible, especially under the influence of Sam's cocaine.

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Jake eventually emerges as the only one capable of rectifying the family's problems, and those problems build to a violent ending. The film's hold on teen-agers will not be diminished by an ending that allows Jake the chance to get even with this father surrogate once and for all. The best things about ''Firstborn'' are the easy, natural performances of the actors, especially the younger ones - Mr. Collet, Mr. Haim, and Sarah Jessica Parker, as Jake's girlfriend - and the authenticity of its middle-class milieu. The film works less well as an attempt to explore children's feelings about divorce and stepparents, though a serious post- ''Kramer vs.

Kramer'' film on the subject would be welcome. Ron Koslow's screenplay raises some of the key issues involved, but it dispenses with them in a hurry. The analysis revealed that firstborn men have, on average, an IQ that is about 2. The trend continues such that second born men have higher IQs than their third-born brothers, and so on. In the US, SAT exams in reading and mathematics have a combined total of points, and on these two sections a difference in IQ of 2.

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This can mean the difference between getting into a premier university or second-tier university in the US, he points out. A further review of about families that included at least four children showed that the eldest sibling typically has an IQ that is 2. Sulloway calculates that a 2. Sulloway explains that older siblings might have a higher IQ because they act as surrogate parents from time to time, tutoring their younger siblings in certain situations. Another possible explanation is that parents have more time and resources to invest in their firstborn child.

The effects of birth order have been repeatedly challenged; [7] the largest multi-study research suggests zero or near-zero effects.

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Main article: Birth order. Problems of neurosis. New York: Harper and Row. Scientific American. CBS News.

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