Damned Good - A Poker Novel

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Damned Good - A Poker Novel By JJ DeCeglie

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Playing poker with Parker: An interview with Brian Garfield

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It has to be the best book ever written about leading people from atop a camel. Banker to the Poor - book about the Grameen Bank and microfinance in the third world, and delves into how capitalism and the free market can be harnessed to return value to vulnerable communities x3 4.

Ugly Americans HFs 6. When Markets Collide 7. Travels of a T-shirt - is pretty fun, written by a prof at georgetown - she explores the global economy and the institutions that govern it by following the creation, life, and death of your average t-shirt. The World is Flat - Do not Buy 3.

The Ten Most Important Poker Book Books Ever Written and Why They’re Essential

Passionate Economist 4. Common Wealth - regarding Jeffrey Sachs - as someone who works in international development, I'd like to point out that for all his popularity among the general public, most people working in the field think a lot of his "big ideas" are sheer lunacy.

Particularly the idea of a "big push" to massively increase the amount of official development aid to developing-world governments. He's a very smart guy, and End of Poverty as well as Common Wealth are both interesting books with a lot of good information - but the policy prescriptions they contain are totally off the mark. The White Man's Burden - t provides an outstanding analysis of not only successes and failures of trying to develop the third world, but at lot of it also applies to life in general politics, economics, society, etc. The Forgotten Man 9.

The Chicago School - For those thinking about going to Chicago and going to economics Vienna and Chicago, Friends or Foes? Rise and fall of great powers by Paul Kennedy. It beautifully captures a history of all great powers economic and military from sixteenth century to mid twentieth century. Leadership Books 1. I cant find the exact stats anymore, so please, if you see it, take note of the page Behavioral Books 1. Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking - There's a little pop psychology to it, but it has some interesting insights. Fooled by Randomness 3.

Predictably Irrational - is by a fuqua prof that is a total boy genius. Why We Buy - if you have any interest in running a business that is consumer-facing CPG, banking, retail, restaurants, the post office this is a must-read. Behavioral Econ. Thaler - written by a lawyer and an economist from the University of Chicago. You get the point after the first few chapters, but it's worth finishing nonetheless. More than Money by Mark Albion - No, its not a rant against banking - he says thats the right path for some - but it is a very real depiction of MANY MBA attitudes and it will make you consider your goals.

Frankly, in retrospect, this short book is probably the single most important thing I could have read before getting my MBA. It so accurately captures exactly what so many of us have thought or felt at some point - about jobs, about money, about careers - I virtually promise that it will resonate with you at some level. Its also worth noting its a short and easy read. Monkey Business - which was a very quick read that provides an interesting look into the IB landscape in recent times.

Barbarians at the Gate - really is a must read. Risk Takers 6.

Pioneering Portfolio Management 7. The accidental investment banker - Jonathan Knee - pretty funny; give you a very good idea over the Ibank world. Not great though. Den of Thieves - well-researched book that brings up a number of scandals involving Michael Milken, Ivan Boesky, Martin Siegel, and others 9.

When Genius Failed The Money Culture by Michael Lewis - It is a collection of articles published by Michael Lewis in various magazines in the late s and early s. I thought it made a brilliant read not just because Michael is a very funny guy. His articles were very insightful and, in some cases, prophetic. He has consistently been critical of levels of debt in wall street since the s if only everyone else took notice.

Book Review: Poker Without Cards

He takes particular joy in poking fun at the LBO players and the value they add to a takeover target. His criticism of the American Express card had me splitting my sides laughing. This book will not be too much fun for those without enough knowledge of wall street history especially of the 80s and early 90s when Japan and not China was considered threat 1 to US supremacy.

A recommended light read for those long flights to b-school. Then, the second half of the book chronicles how a deal gets done and who the main players are. I would recommend this book for anyone that wants to be a dealmaker. Accounting Books 1. I found it very interesting especially for those with an interest in CPG, brand management, marketing, retail and even consulting. Its a quick read and very entertaining. As expected, the debauchery is wonderful. Naturally, the supporting case includes dope and strippers. Just about everything had to go just right, from winning his seat into the Main Event to the eventual outcome.

Long before everyone else even thought about writing about what high-stakes poker was really like, British writer Al Alvarez was the first to break through the invisible barrier and bring the fascinating cast of characters in poker to life. This could easily be number one , especially for its wonderful attention to detail and narrative courage, which sets a number of myths about poker straight for the first time. Not only was immense research required to write this book, the author also needed to be utterly confident in his findings enough to challenge conentional wisdom.

A book that could have simply remained an academic exercise became a well-focused some might say shocking snapshot of the poker subculture at that time. There are no poker legends nor gold bracelets in the pages of this book. Thankfully, he did complete the project, published a book, and ended up giving us the first real portrait of what we know today as a modern cardroom, which is accompanied by some remarkably interesting details about the lives of the people Hayano met.

A forgotten and underappreciated classic. First, it was groundbreaking for its time. A timeless classic. At first I thought that nonfiction strategy books were eligible, and that the picture at the top was the bookshelf of the top ten. Luckily, this list is the top ten books of stories about poker, which is a nice list. Dang it, I was already with my outrage over Shut Up And Deal not being on your list, but there it is.

Your book clearly fits the criteria for this list. An excellent selection, Nolan. He may have gone a bit easy on them in the book, but it is a thorough look at the highs and lows of the last 15 years of online poker through the players that created AP. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. Share this: Email Facebook Twitter. Good to see Dr. Pauly on this list. Funny… Many big names are missing… Ha ha. You rebel! I love it.

Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel
Damned Good - A Poker Novel Damned Good - A Poker Novel

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